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Marisa Phillips

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For Waterloo Catholic School Board Trustee

Building Our Future Together

About Me

I was born and raised in Cambridge and I want to see the best for our children and our schools. Having parents who are first-generation immigrants from both Portugal and Brazil, I speak fluent English and Portuguese with a good understanding of Spanish and French. My husband and best friend of 10 years, immigrated to Cambridge from the UK, and it is in this community where we happily raise our two wonderful daughters. I was a past member of St. Patrick’s Parish and I am currently a member of St. Ambrose. 


My career as a professional photographer began after college and it’s something that I love to do. In addition to my career, I had an active role on the PTA of our daughters’ school, and I volunteered for the Cambridge Humane Society and other various charities.


In my life, family always comes first, and I cherish every moment spent with them. In my spare time, I also enjoy working out at the gym and I have a passion for crafts, singing and other sports.


The Catholic faith has always been a staple in my life growing up and it has brought me a deep understanding of hope, love and compassion. My late Portuguese grandmother was my main inspiration and she was a strong role model for my Catholic faith. I appreciate the gift of faith that all my family members and teachers gave to me that instilled the core values I hold dear in my life. Today, we pass on the goodness of our faith to our kids and teach them the same lessons that our faith taught to us.


Why I Am Running For School Trustee

Being a mother of two young girls, I believe every child deserves the very best education and opportunity to succeed in life. I have been concerned about the direction our school board is taking and I know we can do a lot better. We need to bring our education back to basics so that every child has the tools they need to reach their full potential. Parents should be respected and have the final say on matters related to the education of their own children. Teachers are vitally important and can influence what or how our children will be in the future, but parenting is a lifetime commitment. I want to work together with my fellow trustees to foster a new positive culture where we support and encourage the most beneficial educational environment for our children without unnecessary political and ideological distractions. My goal is to build toward a normal climate of dialogue and respect.

Family Walking
Why I Am Running
Kids in Church

Growing up in the Catholic School System all my life, I can speak first hand about the goodness it has brought into my life that helped shape me into the person I am today. There are truly so many benefits to Catholic education for children. It is important to preserve our Catholic faith in our schools and continue teaching the lessons that we have all enjoyed in the past which brought us hope, love and compassion.

Emphasizing Catholic Education

My Priorities

We need to make sure that every tax dollar that is designated for our children actually goes towards them to ensure that they have all the tools they need to succeed. Teachers shouldn't have to spend their own money for the basic essential supplies they need to educate your children.

Following the money: making sure it's in the classroom

Business meeting

Transparency and communication promote parental engagement. It’s important to maintain open communication between parents and teachers. The WCDSB should always be open to your input because parents have the most important role raising their child.

Making sure WCDSB decisions are transparent and open to your input 

Respecting parental values and truly listening to their concerns without passing judgement. Also, promoting discussion and respect amongst board members so that we can come up with better solutions. 

Building toward a normal climate of dialogue and respect

Cheerful Business Meeting
Teacher and Pupil

Let’s get back to basics. We can do better by refocusing on the classroom and efficiency, teaching our children the basic skills that they need to become critical thinkers and decision makers. The goal is to prepare our children for their future by teaching them financial literacy, basic household financial skills and offering opportunities for them to achieve their full potential. 

Keeping politics out of the classroom

Thank You For Your Help!

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When donating please provide your name and mailing address in order to remain compliant with campaign rules.

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Campaigns cost a lot of money to get your name and message out to the public. Any monetary contributions are so helpful and allow me to get signs and flyers printed. Donations really go a long way to giving me a fighting chance to be your voice.



The most valuable thing you can offer is your time. Volunteers are so essential in a campaign to help spread the word whether it be handing out flyers, sharing information on social media and much more. I appreciate any time that can be donated.


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